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IAE Core Values

The Institute of Adult Education will be guided by the following values in the duration of next five years

  1. Professionalism:
    IAE is committed to the provision of high standard adult and non-formal continuing education and training;
  2. Transparency:
    IAE is committed to operating in an environment of openness and honest transactions;
  3. Integrity:
    IAE employees will adhere to honest and strong moral principles in the provision of quality adult and non-formal continuing education and training to all Tanzanians;
  4. Accountability
    IAE is accountable to and responsible to its role and functions to ensure sustainable development in the field of adult education;
  5. Creativity and innovativeness:
    IAE is committed to the generation of new ideas, better methods of improving adult and non-formal continuing education and training in Tanzania;
  6. Hard work
    IAE is committed to hardworking sprit for ensuring the realization of its vision and mission;
  7. Teamwork:
    IAE is committed to working together and supporting one another in its efforts to achieve its goals and objectives. It is also committed to work with other stakeholders;
  8. Social responsibility:
    IAE is committed to offering its services in the spirit of stewardship, community empowerment and development;
  9. Gender balance;
    IAE aspires to maintain equal opportunities among its stakeholders irrespective of individual differences.
  10. Zero tolerance to corruption;