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ICT Unit


The Unit of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)


The unit of ICT is responsible for overall planning, organizing, and

execution     of all   ICT and   technical   Services   functions   for the

Institute   of Adult  Education (IAE),  This  includes  but not limited

To   the  following;  directing all  ICT operations  to meet  customer

Requirements as well as the  support and  maintenance of existing

infrastructure, applications,  and  development   of  new   technical

solutions such   as  installing  and maintaining  computer hardware,

software , networks   security   and   all   telecommunications of the

 Institute.   In   addition   to   that other  responsibilities of this   unit

 include Budgeting, leadership and administrative duties as well.

Scope (i.e. the way the Unit bring impacts to IAE)

The ICT and Technical services unit is under the   Directorate of the Deputy

 Director  of Finance,   Planning   and    Administration   (DD PFA). This Unit

 performs hardware and software maintenance, training and consultation,

 and    recommendations    about    future   planning and    development of

 resources in   an   effective  and efficient manner.   In addition  to that the

 above    named  activities         ICT      unit  ensure    maximum    access and

 implementation     of technology     services   and    resources at the IAE.