Human Resource Management and Administration

Ms. Hamisa H. Mkoma

Ag. Head - Human Resource Management and Administration


To provide expertise and serve human resources management and administrative matters.

To make research and advice the Management of the field Public Administration and Human Resource Management.


The department will be led by Head of Human Resources & Administration and will perform the following functions:

1.Oversee proper implementation of Public Service Act, Regulations; Standing Orders and other Labour laws

2.Oversee employees’ benefits (social security benefits, allowance etc) and entitlements

3.Facilitate employee relations and welfare including health, safety, sports and culture

4.Provide registry, office records, messengerial and courier services

5.Facilitate security services, transport and general utilities

6.Facilitate general custody service and maintenance

7.Coordinate implementation of ethics and value promotion functions including corruption prevention education

8.Coordinate staff recruitment, selection, placement, confirmations and transfers

9.Facilitate staff training and development (career, professional, skill enhancement) for the Institute

10. Facilitate orientation/induction programs for the new entrants

11. Prepare human resources plan

12. Salary administration and payroll processing

13. Coordinate implementation of Employees’ Performance Appraisals

14. Develop/review and Operationalise Client Service Charter and