Legal Unit

Mr. John Julius Mwampamba

Ag. Head - Legal Unit


The Legal Secretary deals with all legal matters at the Institute.


  1. Scrutinize and effect registration of leases and transfer of properties in liaison with the Estates Manager and participates in negotiations for writing up of general contracts to such leases, and transfers of property;
  2. Provide legal clearance to legal documents;
  3. Assist the management in evolving legally sound policies and devises ways of implementing them;
  4. Draw up trust deeds, memorandum of understanding; agreements; contracts and other legal related proceedings of the Institute;
  5. Represent IAE in preparing briefs in all legal proceedings of the Institute;
  6. Liaise with external legal agencies;
  7. Participate or conducts litigation;
  8. Interpret and translate legal documents;
  9. Advise on aspects regarding contract obligations and any other legal obligations;
  10. Participate in legal negotiations;
  11. Be a recorder of the governing council proceedings;
  12. Prepare and review proposed contracts, leases, loan agreements and any other legal documents in order to safeguard the interests of the Institute and;
  13. Prepares draft amendments to the Institutes’ act and regulations made there under.